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  • Analyze the time spent on each client, project, or task.

  • Accurate employee timesheets with automated tracking.

  • Quickly create schedules and manage payroll.

  • Control team members on track with remote monitoring.

best time tracking

Employee Monitoring

Utilize real-time reports, screen captures, location tracker, mouse clicks, and keystrokes to monitor employee activities and increase productivity.

employee monitoring
capture screenshots

Capture Screenshots

With regular screen captures, you can track your employees' time spent on each activity, their progress, total productivity, and operational hours.

activity tracking

Activity Tracking

Calculate keystrokes and mouse clicks, manually input hours, and sick days in a single dashboard.

activity progress

Activity Progress

Monitor your employees' overall productivity and aid them in saving time, avoiding distractions, and increasing output by using an activity dashboard.

location tracking

Location Tracking

Input activities manually by including a thorough description of all time worked.

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Online Timesheets

Track and report on employees' working hours in a centralized manner with our online timesheets on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

online timesheets
calendar view

Calendar View

Online Timesheets Fix gaps and overlaps in the schedule and make quick changes by viewing tasks in a calendar view.

track earnings

Track Earnings

Set bill and pay rates for each team member depending on the number of hours worked to make charging clients and paying teams easier.

working hours

Working Hours

Maintain a record of your employees productivity. Obtain a comprehensive report on employees, their office hours, vacations, and time off which makes it easy to streamline their payroll process.

export timesheets

Export Timesheets

Download or export timesheets to share with external parties or keep track of your own work.

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Integrate with Your PM

Integrate with Your PM and Spend less time switching back and forth between multiple apps and more time boosting productivity

integrate with your pm
multiple tool integration

Multiple Tool Integration

Integrate clockly with project management tools like asana, jira, trello, basecamp, and 25 others to keep track of employee productivity.

easy setup

Easy Setup

Easily integrate your project management tools and import your projects and tasks with ease and begin tracking your employees' time spent on projects.

monitor employeee activity in real-time

Monitor Employeee Activity in Real-time

Using project management integrations, you can keep track of what your employees are working on at any given time. Track their performance by utilising automated screenshots, URLs, apps, location, and GPS tracking.

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Chrome Extension

Boost productivity by tracking and managing employee working hours on your favorite web browsers with clockly's browser extension. Clockly is also compatible with Mac, Ubuntu, and Windows.

chrome extension
add tasks

Add Tasks

Make your projects easier and faster with the Chrome extension for creating tasks from emails and webpages.

run tasks remotely

Run Tasks Remotely

Track time spent on a task and time spent on a browser at the same time remotely and with minimal setup.

daily task tracking

Daily Task Tracking

Maintain track of your employee and know what they are accomplishing during work. Clockly delivers a clear report on time spent on each project, client, and task.

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Desktop App

Desktop App Analyze your team's productivity by tracking their progress and monitoring their everyday activities with Clockly

desktop app
screen capture

Screen Capture

Keep an eye on your employees' work by analyzing their performance to maximize their productivity and support them reach their full potential.

task monitoring

Task Monitoring

View all the background tasks that your employees' are running and encourage them to stay focused on work rather than distractions.

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Time Tracking Reports

Make data-driven decisions to bring in appropriate changes and streamline employee management with insightful reports.

time tracking reports


Organize, analyze, visualize relevant data with reporting software to help you make information easier to parse, so your teams can make the data-backed decisions confidently and quickly.

track team progress

Track Team Progress

Check the activities logs of your team or project members at a glance. Effortlessly notice status modifications and updates on individual tasks.

track project progress

Track Project Progress

Allows teams to know which tasks require the most time, are most vital, and enable them to focus on the right project at the right time.

monitor expenses

Monitor Expenses

Take a break from static spreadsheets to monitor espenses. Reduce time spent on manual modifications and ineffective approvals processes by switching to a more automated, agile strategy that lets you focus on what matters.

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Time tracking allows you to keep track of how much time you spend to each project or task. A ssesses your effectiveness in completing a task by taking into account and time you spend on a task in total

mouse clicks

Mouse Clicks

Allows you to monitor the number of mouse clicks you make on your device in order to calculate how many activities included mouse clicks.

total earnings

Total Earnings

Keep an eye on your employee's finances depending on the hours they've put in and how much money they've made. You may view their overall income for the day, week, month, or year.

activity percentage

Activity Percentage

Allows you to view task information as a proportion of all time monitored for each activity. Understanding where you spend the most of your time can be helped by this.

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