Time Tracking Overview

keep track of the time you work

Identifying your level of efficiency when performing a task, Considering the total amount of time you devote to a task, assisting you in making time estimates for upcoming tasks

Time Tracking Overview

See Overview of Tasks Performed by Each Employee

Track and monitor your team's performance with time tracking overview.

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mouse clicks

Mouse Clicks

Overview, Allows you to monitor the number of mouse clicks you make on your device to calculate how many activities included mouse clicks.

total earnings

Total Earnings

Keep an eye on your employee's finances depending on the hours they've put in and how much money they've made. You may view their overall income for the day, week, month, or year.

activity percentage

Activity Percentage

Allows you to view task information as a proportion of all time monitored for each activity. Understanding where you spend the most of your time can be helped by this.

What is Time Tracking Overview?

An overview helps you to keep track of how much time you spend on each task or project.  determines your efficiency in accomplishing a task, Considering how much time you spend on a job in total, assisting you in estimating the duration of time required for future tasks with time tracking overview.

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