Employee Monitoring Software

to boost workforce productivity

Gain valuable insights into your workforce productivity by monitoring app usage, site visits, screen captures, time spent on tasks, and productive time.

Employee Monitoring Software

Boost Employee Efficiency with Employee Monitoring Software

Monitor employee email and internet usage, track employee time and attendance, and monitor employee performance in terms of task completion and customer service to detect and prevent employee theft, malicious or inappropriate online behavior, and other forms of negligence.

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track productivity

Track Productivity

Manage and measure employee productivity by offering insights into app usage, site visits, screen recordings, and time spent on activities by your employees with employee monitoring software.

screen captures

Screen Captures

Get a better understanding of your team's overall performance with our screenshots feature that captures unlimited screenshots.

intuitive dashboards

Intuitive Dashboards

Take a look at how your teams allocate time to tasks and projects. Increase productivity by gaining a complete picture of the activity utilising productivity dashboards and performance analytics.

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

An employee monitoring software is the most efficient way to keep track of everything, including keystrokes, mouse actions, websites visited, and other social media platforms.

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