project budget management software for smart resource planning

Project Budgeting

for smarter resource planning

Project budget management software that allows you to keep track of both time and project progress so you can always stay on-time and within budget.

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project budget management

Project budget management

Plan, manage, and record all spendings for your projects and take them to completion in the most productive way. Collect data, assign limits, and make informed decision to streamline spendings.

automatic data collection

Automatic data collection

Collect data regarding the number of hours worked, the cost and engagement levels for your past projects in order to budget for future projects. Base your budget on actual data, not estimates and ensure you create accurate budgets for all of your projects.

project reports

Project reports

Receive summaries of all work reports in your inbox so you know where you stand on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Make minor adjustments to your budget based on information in your work report summaries and ensure you stay on top of it.

task management

Task management

Get tasks at one place to measure team's productivity and improve employee monitoring and increase productivity.

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