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Amount of work submitted by each employee is an important factor to consider when making business choices.

Employee Tracking App

Use the Tracking App to Maximize Efficiency in the Workplace

Keep an eye on what your employees are up to online by recording their screen activity.

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manage tasks and activities

Manage Tasks and Activities

Identify how much time each job or project will take your teams. You can receive a thorough view of your employees' work with our productivity dashboards and performance metrics.

monitor in real-time

Monitor in Real-time

Obtain reports on the activities that your employees are engaging in, which are updated in real time with time tracking app.

work duration

Work Duration

Do not lose track of your employees' output. Collect detailed information on the time spent working, on vacation, and otherwise engaged in by each employee with tracking app.

What is Traking App?

An employee tracking app records regular employees' start and end times. Employees may clock in using the app or the office console. HR experts use punch-in data to reward employees for hours worked. Time tracking app electronically records attendance to guarantee payroll accuracy.

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