employee monitoring software for improved productivity

Employee Monitoring

for improved productivity

Employee monitoring software to keep track of your employees. Track engagement level, activity screenshots, app & location monitoring, and more.

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Everything you need for robust employee monitoring

Analyze activity screenshots, track computer usage and location to help team members increase productivity.

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engagement tracking

Engagement tracking

Track engagement by measuring keyboard strokes and mouse activity. Know how engaged your employees are during any given period of time.

activity screenshots

Activity screenshots

Capture screenshots of team's work at specific intervals so that you always be on top of what employees are working on.

location tracking

Location tracking

Track your employees’ locations while Track.ly is enabled so you know where they are. Set perimeters for job site clocking in and out.

apps & url tracking

Apps & URL tracking

View the apps and URLs visited by your employees while their for effective employee monitoring. Ensure that they are actually working on assigned tasks.

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