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Online timesheets are a way for employees to digitally record their time and send their timesheets electronically to their managers.


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Online timesheets are a way for employees to digitally record their time and send their timesheets electronically to their managers. The online timesheet contains the same printed timesheet, for example, time to go to work and leave, rest, and so on. Timesheets are essential for employees as they can lead an intensive life. It allows them to utilize their skills wisely. These are important for handling administrative workflows. For example, it shows the employee's working hours that an administrator can use to assign staff to a particular task.

Manual time cards are not only time-consuming, but they also tend to be inaccurate. Switch to a digital season ticket, and your business will improve immediately. Companies can quickly access digital grooves and digitize all processes and business functions. The HR process is no exception. Every company needs to track employee attendance, manage labor costs, and reduce overtime. Online timesheets give you complete control over real-time transparency.

It can be challenging to respond to roster changes within the required time frame, verify the accuracy, and ensure that staff pays on time.

If you're struggling to manage your timesheets accurately, consider how technology is mitigating today's payroll manager accuracy issues, probably because your payroll system is getting too big. For example, using the online timesheet makes it challenging to manage schedules and payroll. Without such technical solutions, there is a risk that employees will trust the company and be satisfied as employees.

The Benefits Of Employees Using Online Timesheets

Traditional employee timesheets were made on paper and took a long time for employees to fill out and HR to submit. After working long hours, an employee's last thing is to fill out a paper form and send it to the HR department. On the other hand, online timesheets allow employees to enter important workday information anytime. So if your employees worked precisely the same time as the previous week, you could quickly copy them to save time.

Since each company is different, it is essential to have the proper adjustment options for online timesheets. Fortunately, the most legitimate companies have a fully customizable platform. This allows you to create custom fields and calculations to suit your business needs. By extending the timesheet format that suits your employees, you can streamline the entire process and make it easy for them. Due to the large workforce and people of all sizes, there are errors, especially in time recording. However, using a paper-based time and attendance system can take a long time to identify and correct the error. The HR team may not have enough time to remember and correct mistakes. This means that employees may have missed the actual package. Of course, this is not what everyone wants. Online time and attendance systems protect against this type of worst-case scenario. Data entry from different employees can be identified and modified within seconds before the manager approves. This immediate fix allows companies to reduce billing errors significantly.

Eliminate Tedious Paperwork and Better Manage Employee Timesheets Using Clockly

Monitoring Employees With Online Timesheets

Monitoring employees with a timesheet app benefits managers. You can evaluate their work and easily track how much they worked. It also means that all this required data is stored online and is easily accessible to other users if they want to view it. In addition, you can quickly assess your team's working hours by analyzing your work against your daily or monthly plans. As a direct result, you can provide accurate feedback to your team to improve and improve their performance. If everyone is doing well individually, your team has a better overall score, which benefits you as a manager or team leader. The benefits of monitoring employees with the Online Timesheets are: You can easily track employee revenue, digitally store time logs, and access online timesheets for other employees.

Tracking Earnings

As mentioned in the previous section, revenue tracking is a way to monitor employee activity. The easiest way to track your revenue is with an online timesheet. When the timesheet is updated with past and more specific information, the employee or team member's rate is set to hourly wages to be paid the appropriate amount. You can also track and store your data digitally for future reliability and accessibility. The types of data stored digitally include receipts. Removing receipts can be a challenging process, especially when you're thinking of many other things. Online timesheets make it much easier to sort receipts. This positively impacts the financial position of the business or company. In addition, it organizes projects and staff in a way that nothing else can, especially when faced with the "work at home" many people do these days.

track earnings

Reviewing Working Hours

Working hours and earnings are closely aligned. As a result, keeping track of working hours in an online timesheet makes it easier to observe what your employees are up to and track their earnings.

Even though office workers are carrying out-of-date timesheets and timecard machines that are no longer in use, timesheets are still utilised for tracking time.

Project Management

When project management technologies became more complex, their utility only grew. Project management is a continuous knowledge-based work that necessitates the tracking and processing of vast amounts of data in real time, including time spent on the task. Some consulting or agency project teams, for example, utilise this data to calculate how much time a team spends on a project. Experienced project managers use online timesheets to identify ways to optimize and improve projects or business processes.

Exporting Timesheets

This is the most direct benefit of online timesheets. The distribution, sharing, and exporting of the timesheets as files are made for easy use. They are downloadable and are available in file formats such as xls or stored for future use.

Timesheets are now a very versatile tool for keeping track of time. Try time tracking software, Clockly, and incorporate online timesheets into your business processes today!

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