Who Needs Time Tracking Software

Who needs time tracking software discusses the businesses that need time tracking solutions to grow their productivity.

The simplest answer is everyone can benefit from a time tracking and performance management system. Because when you start tracking your time, you'll undoubtedly be surprised by what tasks take up most of it. If your curious if they can benefit you, then continue reading to learn more.

Productivity-Enthusiast: If you just want to get the most out of your time without wasting your time to do so, then time tracking software that automatically tracks your time in the background is the most effective solution for you. And with this productivity tool, you're always analyzing your efficiency and finding ways to improve.


Freelancers: Depending on your business model, you need to track your time so you can accurately bill your clients. It's also an eye-opener when you see what tasks and projects you're spending considerable amounts of time on. Besides helping you delegate tasks that you're working inefficiently on, you can also increase your rates accordingly.

Also, some solutions offer project management, so you'll be able to effectively manage your projects and time, all in the same place. Plus, it'll save you money since you won't need separate solutions.

Employers: When you're managing employees, it's nearly impossible to guarantee that they're always working when on the clock and what projects they're spending most of their time on.

That's why time tracking software solutions are critical to ensure maximum business growth. Whether you're a small, medium, or enterprise business, tracking your employees time is a necessity.


Your most important resources are time and money. So, if you're not monitoring where those resources are going, then it's difficult to know if you're using them effectively.

Timekeeping software helps you accurately track your employees time and produces all the data in an online, automatically-populated timesheet. You don't have to waste hours each week chasing down your employees and attempting to piece together their time entries. And since you're tracking your employees time, you'll be able to see what projects and tasks they spend most of their time on.

Additionally, you can use the data gathered from your time tracking software to identify employees strengths and weaknesses and create baselines for how long tasks should take to complete.

Also, as previously mentioned, you can never guarantee what your employees are doing when clocked in unless you're monitoring them. Some time tracking software solutions offer employee monitoring that allows you to see exactly what sites they're using and for how long, what they're doing and where your field workers are, in real-time.

Employee Monitoring

They can also provide insight into your projects, which can help you identify potential bottlenecks, notice if you're going over budget, ensure your projects are profitable and help you to create more accurate estimates for future ones. So, they can essentially be regarded as performance management systems.

Who Doesn't Need Time Tracking Software?

After who needs time tracking software, let's discuss who doesn't. Generally speaking, everyone can benefit from one. However, it depends on your intentions. If you're relying on time tracking software for time, project, and performance management needs, then your intentions are fair and just. But, if you're hoping to micromanagement your employees and create unrealistic expectations, then maybe it isn't for you, right now.

As previously discussed, everyone can benefit from time tracking and performance management systems. So, before you decide to use one for unjust reasons, get to the root of what's bothering you. Because if you don't, your employees will sense that and you'll receive a fraction of the benefits you want.

Though time tracking is a great asset to your business, ultimately, only you can decide whether time tracking software is right for you.

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