As a business owner, time management must be a watchword, not for yourself alone but your employees as well. It makes sense that as a business owner, you will at least have an idea of what time management is and would have figured out some tips that might work for you. But assumptions, as they say, are never good enough, so we can get right into everything that involves time management and even time trackers.

What is Time Management and Why Should it be a Concern for Businesses and Its Owners?

Time management is the process of designing, developing, and controlling the quantity of your time spent on specific activities to enhance effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. When someone manages their time well, they can choose how they spend their time and how they manage their activities. Nowadays, time management has become much easier to accomplish, and productivity in businesses has somewhat improved. This has been made a possibility through the use of time tracking software.

Online time tracker is a computer program that allows employees to keep track of how much time they spend on various jobs and projects. Many industries, including those that use freelancers and hourly labor, use the program. Why do people track the time, you ask? Time tracking through time tracking tools allows you to make more informed decisions about project pricing and execution, team schedules, and even how you spend your day.

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When your time is limited and pressure is high, efficient time management allows you to work smarter rather than harder to accomplish more in less time. Follow tips on time management to help you manage your time better. Failure to manage your time harms your effectiveness and can lead to stress. So, it's no wonder that software for time tracking is all the rage these days. The fact is that every business has the same 24 hours in a day; the deciding factor is in how each business has decided to use a time tracker to manage their time.

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"Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can't afford to lose."

-Thomas Edison, an American inventor and businessman.

This statement goes to show how important it is to use our time properly, especially for business owners.

Myths About Time Tracking Tools

Like most things in this world, there are myths. Time trackers are no exception. It is understandable; with technology, there will always be ideas and thoughts. People sharing what they think is right, and others dissuading the general public; for this reason, it is important for business owners to separate fact from fiction. So, as a business owner, you should know the myths surrounding time trackers and our views on them.

Myth 1: The Only Portion of the Employees' Needs are Met by the Time Tracker

At first glance, it appears to be that way. When viewed in a cursory approach, software for time tracking does not appear to change much. When one examines it more closely, though, one can observe how many changes it brings to the organization:

  • Improving the process of clocking in and out
  • The production of all types of reports is simple and virtually rapid.
  • Allowing for the creation of staff productivity reports to be made easier
  • Extra tools for controlling work across several projects are available
  • Automating the processes associated with leave requests
  • Access to the absence calendar, which aids in better workweek planning
  • Notifications are sent over various channels, including email, SMS, and Slack, to optimize communication flow.

software for time tracking enhances several processes connected to information transfer and, as a result, the company's overall efficiency.

Myth 2: Getting More Done in Less Time is the Goal of software for time trackinge

It's easy to confuse effectiveness with efficiency, perform things well, and do things that generate meaningful results. It's great to get faster at a task if it helps you bring in more clients or revenue.

By eliminating, delegating, or outsourcing certain duties and following time management tips, you may free up time to focus on the things that matter. The amount of tasks you complete is less significant than the outcomes you achieve. Although some individuals assume this, good time management refers to accomplishing fewer, more important activities. However, with time trackers, businesses will be more effective as they prioritize what has to be done and focus solely on finishing the tasks at hand.

Myth 3: Data in the Time Tracker’s Cloud Isn’t Secure

Employees' personal information and work-related information are extremely valuable and sensitive; thus, safeguarding their safety is a top responsibility. While storing such data in the cloud may appear to be less safe, the reality is that software for time tracking prioritizes security.

No solution is 100 percent secure. A single tiny error can result in a data breach if the data is kept in the data cloud or on an external memory disc.

software for time tracking provides encrypted and protected data to servers, reducing the risk of data leakage and theft. To be as safe as possible, however, personnel should be trained in IT security to learn the most common causes of data leakage and avoid them.

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Myth 4: A Time Tracker is a Tool for Spying on Personnel

Employees, in the majority of situations, are hostile to time trackers because they confuse them with spy software. They are wary about their privacy being invaded and personal information being stolen. No legal software for time tracking collects sensitive data. Furthermore, espionage software is always undetectable to the user, whereas time trackers are continually active.

However, some employee anxieties are justified: this program will reveal how much time they spend on non-work-related activities and websites during working hours. Top time tracking apps also single out the most typical "time eaters" and sources of distraction. However, it is not carried out to identify and punish "the guilty." On the contrary, it is a proven method for improving time management. Some employees may not even understand where their time goes and why they consistently miss deadlines, in which case a time tracker will come in handy.

Myth 5: Time Trackers are Costly and it is Only Profitable for Large Corporations

Although it may appear such, time tracking tools are not prohibitively expensive. The majority of them are cloud-based, which means the data is stored on the internet, and they can be paid mostly monthly as a subscription. software for time tracking is based on the number of employees, making it simple to select the best option for small and large businesses.

Some business owners are concerned about the price of offering training on how to use the technology. Still, such expenditures should be assessed in the long run – employees who become familiar with the program will be able to use it at their leisure. software for time tracking will assist them in saving time and increasing employee productivity.

Myth 6: It’s a Pain to Use software for time tracking

Those unfamiliar with this tool may compare it to traditional timesheets, which require employees to take breaks from their work to record their present activities. On the other hand, time trackers with online timesheets are the polar opposite, as they do not require any additional actions and are completely automatic. They start up with the computer and shut down when it shuts down. This not only saves time but also allows you to focus entirely on your task. It also eliminates inaccuracies if you neglect to submit an activity into a timesheet on time and then have to create it or change the timing to make it look good to the boss.

Myth 7: The Use of Time Tracker Indicates That the Company Don’t Trust the Employees

For the fact that the software can only tell the truth, adopting time-tracking software relieves the pressure of trust for both the employee and the employer.

According to the opposing viewpoint, employees who use time tracking software may believe that their employer does not trust their manual entries. However, this argument fails to recognize that employing this software might reduce the amount of pressure placed on staff to guarantee that they are submitting the most accurate times.

Myth 8: Time Trackers Can Only be Used by Specialists

Many business owners believe that someone from IT can only use the software for time tracking. In actuality, software for time tracking is designed for the average user - unfamiliar with IT and programming. UI/UX experts create time tracking tools that ensure that their software is intuitive and simple to use, especially for individuals who are hesitant to try new technology. Vendors of software for time tracking also offer the option of assigning tasks such as initial software setup and various forms of communication with customer support, which can be contacted in the event of any issues.

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Myth 9: Employee Fatigue and Productivity Can be Caused by the Time Trackers

Through automation, time-tracking software boosts productivity. Manual data entry, whether on timesheets or expense reports, is the job that employees despise the most because it keeps them occupied performing busy work instead of doing actual work. With time trackers, this tedious job is automated, releasing more time for other activities.

You may not technically control your time, but time trackers can help you manage yourself to get more done.


The unavailability of a one-size-fits-all solution is a major basis for software for time tracking myths. That is why it is worthwhile to put things to the test. There can only be benefits from the use of time tracking tools. They are important for the efficient running of your business's day-to-day activities. Try Clockly today!

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