employee productivity software for improved performance

Employee Productivity

for improved performance

Employee Productivity Software to keep tabs of your employees performance. Make adjustments or improvements when necessary.

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Measure productivity like a pro with time charts, productivity metrics, timeline views, and much more.

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time charts

Time charts

Instantly visualize which projects demand the most time in pie chart form so you can see where resources are being used throughout the project and the team. Allocate resources more effectively with better visual representation of time used on each project.

productivity analysis

Productivity analysis

View productivity overall and track, compare and improve it by evaluating performance of your team members and your team as a whole. Track and evaluate productivity metrics such as hours worked, earnings and engagement rates across all projects and throughout the organization.

dashboard and timeline views

Dashboard and timeline views

View overall data or more detailed timeline views of hourly and daily work to view project progress from all angles. View dashboards that can show you the summary of time used and tImeline views can give you deeper insight into productivity of your team.

performance metrics

Performance metrics

Get a better understanding of your team's overall performance with metrics on hours spent on specific projects or by specific date. Know where your projects and your team members stand on productivity and performance with Track.ly's productivity calculator.

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