Do you need to keep track of the activities of your employees? And this implies keeping a record of attendance, as well as absences, time of arrival and departure, and registration during working hours?

In fact, we can authoritatively say that you need a real-time employee monitoring software that is efficient and reliable as well as dependable within your organization if you are a firm that deals with quite a number of employees that you cannot monitor personally and also if you do want to keep a record of all their activities at the place of work starting from when they resume work for the day and when they terminate for the day.

It is important to state that however, big a firm might be or however small it may be equally that there is the need for a real-time employee monitoring software if you have a number of workers that you literarily cannot keep your eyes on all the time.

Why do You Need an Employee Monitoring Software?

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It is the duty of the employee monitoring software to tell you when a worker arrived at the workplace and when they left also. However, the responsibility of a real-time employee monitoring software doesn’t ultimately end with arrivals and departures as it also has the propensity to give accounts of absences as well as keep a tab of the hours a worker put in at every shift; thus making it an important gadget for firms that deal with humans whether employees or even clients.

However, there is a couple of employee monitoring software that can help you with this type of activity, such as a system to control assistance, thus making tasks simpler and safer to carry out. Furthermore, the advantages that these programs offer are uniquely visible, efficient, and reliable and since they facilitate the processes within your company they simply leave you with fewer tasks to do. However, the big question begging for an answer here is how to choose them?

However, you shouldn’t worry so much about that because we have spent our time carrying out research on how that can be done; hence, we ultimately feel that this piece of write-up will be useful in your quest to employ the use of a real-time employee monitoring software.

Employee Monitoring Software

What to Look for in an Employee Monitoring Software?

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1. Real-Time Data Software - Big firms are not new to employees' disloyalty towards the clock in and out especially when they have accomplices among their colleagues; however, that can easily be checkmated with the help of a real-time employee monitoring software.

It is interesting to state that attendance books used for recording employees’ activities can be manipulated either intentionally or even unintentionally but a real-time employee monitoring software offers a ground zero for manipulation.

  • Consider those platforms that give you the opportunity to obtain data and information in real-time, while it is possible to harmonize it with the Human Resources system within the company. Because such platforms systematically guarantee correct computation and this computation provides real-time entries that the employee himself does not have control of; hence, it cannot be manipulated

  • Being able to count on the data in real-time, without needing to invest hours in updates and verifications, brings the benefit of minimizing time thus making tasks simpler and safer; hence, you can reduce the amount of time that employees take to put in their time of resumption as well as their time of departure and again it saves the employer time too.

2. Ease of Handling one of the advantages of a real-time employee time tracker is their propensity to make tasks simple and less demanding; hence, the employee has less work to do with keeping records and the employee does less as well as has a system that is reliable as well as efficient and can be trusted.

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  • You should note that it is a user-friendly, intuitive program. Otherwise, more time will be spent and, employee monitoring software is to make personnel management easier and in less time; hence, a real-time employee monitoring software isn’t just safe for use but is also efficient and reliable. As it minimizes time and is also easy to use and maintain.

  • It also verifies that it has various tools and functions, such as being able to manage vacation days, check departures and tickets, etc. perhaps the list is endless but a real-time employee monitoring software sometimes does more than it is given credit for.

3. Support and Security one of the factors that must be checked very well is the level of a real-time employee monitoring software support and security and by the support we mean if it is easy to install, easy to manage, easy to maintain, and if it features a user-friendly support system. Furthermore, with security we mean if it is difficult to manipulate as well as difficult to hack and if it will not send the company’s information to third-party agents.

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  • Does the employee tracker software have a backup and keep a copy of the data and information so that you can recover them if something happens? This also should be meticulously checked because you don’t want to lose all the company’s data stored in the software over the months if something unplanned happens to the software let's say in the event of a hack; hence, you should consider software that protects and supports you.

  • It doesn’t matter how intuitive real-time employee monitoring software can be, however, what is equally important is the employment of a customer service that can advise you in case of any complication, doubt, or program default, especially if you are a first-timer when it comes to the use of a real-time employee monitoring software. Hence, we recommend that you have a maintenance agency in the event of a breakdown of the software.

Choose Clockly the Best Real-time Employee Monitoring Software

4. Automated Program This is one of the most important features of real-time employee monitoring software. The firm buying into the idea of a real-time employee monitoring software should ensure that the software is automated and not manually controlled to enhance efficiency as well as reduce the risk of manipulation by employees.

  • An employee monitoring software gives you the possibility of leaving behind manual control and unnecessary paperwork, that is, it allows you to maintain constant monitoring and supervision of the assistance and punctuality of your workers without having to assess them manually; hence, employees assessment is automated as well as easy to do.

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  • In this sense, it is best that you lean towards employee monitoring software that allows you to perform all these tasks in an automated way, without the need to invest extra time to perform reports and monitoring. It is important to state also that the only way a real-time employee monitoring software can reduce the amount of time taken to compute employees data such as time of resumption and time of departure, as well as the hours it takes to complete a given task all the time invested in a work shift among others, is if the software is automated and if it is not automated then we do not advise you to accept such software.

5. Customize Needs Every firm has its peculiar needs; hence, they do not all have the need to use the same software because there is the tendency that it is not all the firms that are interested in taking a particular employee’s data.
Hence, a real-time employee monitoring software should be customized according to the needs of the firm employing its need and in the case of changes the software should be able to undergo evolution if you choose to call it an upgrade to further meet the needs of the firm employing its use.

  • Each company has different needs and different aspects that need to be constantly checked, that is why for the punctuality of the system to really work, it is best to choose one that can be customized according to the requirements of each organization. And if it cannot be customized to a company’s need then it becomes imperative that the company should discard the software

  • What will work for you is to have software that can be adapted to the hours of entry and exit, to the full day of work, and to the different shifts that may exist within the company. This is also important; hence, any real-time employee monitoring software employed by a company if not immediately adaptable to the company’s need should be able to undertake an upgrade to enable it to meet the needs of the company.

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It is still important to state that in our world of today where things are speed shifting from manually controlled systems to automated systems that one cannot actually leave the records of employees to manual data. Hence, we greatly recommend that firms generally employ the use of real-time employee monitoring software and time tracking software like Clockly as they make tasks simple and fast.

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