Employee Time Tracker

to get the most out of your employees'

Track employees' productivity to make smart decisions.

Employee Time Tracker

Strengthen Workplace Productivity with Employee Time Tracker

Monitor webpages and apps, screenshots, time spent on activities, and productive time to get powerful insights into your employees' progress.

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real-time monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

Get real-time reports on employee activity and stay up to date.

productivity metrics

Productivity Metrics

Utilize productivity metrics and statistical data to get a comprehensive picture of employees work and maximize productivity.

working hours

Working Hours

Keep track of your employees' productivity. Obtain a detailed report on each employee's working hours, vacations, and time off.

What is Employee Time Tracker?

An employee time tracker is an online tool that is used to keep track of employee productivity and provides data on how much time was spent on various tasks, projects, and clients.

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