As a project manager, it's worth having a budget you can use to track your expenses. Creating a budget and ensuring the project runs according to budget is daunting. However, it can be easier if you use a project budgeting. With the aid of project budgeting application, one can monitor how much of the total budgeted amount has been spent. It's also possible to determine the remaining amount and make amendments where necessary.

For instance, if a project takes longer than expected and you fail to notice this, you may end up overspending. But a project budgeting tool can prevent this because you will track expenses from the word go. You can even make up for extra costs within the project estimates.

What Is Project Budgeting Tool?

A project's budget refers to the estimated costs a project will take to complete. This entails all the distinct phases of the project from start to finish. It's crucial that the project should be accurately budgeted to guarantee the success of the project and ensure that it's well funded. The management aspect is quite complex, but it can be made easier using a project budgeting tool.

The software shows real-time data to track expenses as and when they happen. This allows project managers to make quick adjustments where necessary to run the task as planned. Therefore, time is vital to keep your project running according to plan. Timely budget plans warrant that nothing goes unnoticed and things are recorded as desired.

How Does Project Budgeting Help You Avoid the Risk of Running Late and Over Your Budget?

Using an employee tracking system like Clockly allows you to make better project budgeting estimates. By managing time well, you can accurately determine whether the hours worked are in line with the budget. For instance, if employees work for a specific number of hours, you can track their time and establish how much it will cost to pay for their services.

Therefore, an employee time tracker also ensures workers are accountable for their time. It's not just about tracking time, but it's about tracking the hours worked to guarantee your business gets the most of these hours. A good project budgeting tool with work time tracking will track employee idle and productive time. This leaves no room for unutilized time that you might be billed. Consequently, your project runs according to budget without running late or over what you initially planned.

How Do You Choose a Tool for Project Budgeting

How Do You Choose a Tool for Project Budgeting?

There are tons of employee monitoring software online. Therefore, choosing one can be a challenge, especially if you've not used the tool before. The following factors will help you settle for the best solution for your business needs.

Explore the Features

The distinguishing aspects of the project budgeting tool will determine whether the tool is fit for your business. A good employee tracker software should have the following features:

Time Tracking

The time monitoring feature allows you to track the specific time spent on any activity and effectively manage each project's productivity.

Employee Monitoring

The employee time clock should also ensure that tasks are done on time. Tracking the actual time spent on a given activity helps project managers identify loopholes and find ways of resolving potential project delays.

Online Timesheets

Project managers use online timesheets to determine how much employees should be paid. These timesheets are vital since they warrant that workers are paid fairly for completed assignments.

Integration With Project Management Tools

A reliable tool should allow for integration with project management tools your business is already using. In turn, this leads to increased productivity.

Arguably, the features of a project budgeting tool will help you to discern whether the software is right for you. Don't settle for an employee productivity tool because it's free. Put the needs of your company first and determine whether the features can help you meet your everyday project demands.

What are the Different Project Budgeting Tools Available?

Some of the top project budgeting solutions available today include:


Clockly, a product of 500apps, puts together time tracking and project budgeting. With this tool, you can increase your team's productivity with time tracking. You can also integrate the tool with top project management tools your team is already using. Plus, it helps to create an accurate budget estimate for precise cost management. Key features include:

  • Time tracking
  • Employee monitoring
  • Integrations
  • Online timesheets
  • Chrome extension
  • Desktop app lets you see how your employees manage their time. You can use the detailed insights the software offers to prioritize tasks effectively and achieve your project's timely goals. Sample features include:

  • Project management
  • CRM and sales
  • marketing
  • Task management
  • Software development


DeskTime combines project management, employee monitoring, and productivity analysis. Users can identify workers' unproductive habits. The tools also calculate daily efficiency and productivity based on used programs and applications Special features include:

  • Auto screenshots
  • Daily productivity timeline
  • Shift scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Absence calendar


ClickUp is an effective time tracking tool that does most tracking so project managers can focus more on working. The software allows you to set estimates, track time, view reports, and add notes remotely. Special features include:

  • Notes
  • Billable time
  • Filtering
  • Edit time
  • Sorting


Time is money. The best way to ensure your projects don't run over your budget is by tracking and managing time. To do this, you need to use robust time tracking software like Clockly. The tool has amazing features that can help you with time tracking, project budgeting, and more. Before you choose any software to use in your business, it's strongly advisable to consider its features. The right tool for your business should come with a suite of handy features you can use to improve how you manage time to achieve your project goals.

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