The time tracking app helps organization record employees' working hours. The number of hours spent on activities or projects is then used to determine how much an employee should be paid.

Time entries are utilized not only for payroll, but they are also a secure means for managers to determine how much time it takes to perform certain tasks and where an employee is spending their time. Knowing which task takes up the most time will enable employees to consider if that time was well used. Tasks that take the longest and also add value to the organization will be evaluated with ways how to improve, while the tasks that have no value to the company will be discarded.

The use of an employee time tracking system for time entries helps take away the challenge of concentrating at work when the workday is filled with trips to the vending machine, never-ending meetings, and bothersome emails. Time tracking app is a resource an organization should embrace to alter this problem. Effective employee productivity hacks can help organizations and employees become more productive while also saving the organization time and money. One such hack is the efficient use of employee tracker software.

Employees can replace paper timesheets with a time tracking app, which increases employee productivity while lowering administrative costs by digitally recording the time they have spent on activities or projects. Traditional businesses, those who use independent contractors, and experts who want to bill their clients by the hour can all use the service of the employee time clock.

A time tracking app undertakes a difficult task. Organizations need timely, precise information that makes it simpler to determine how many hours are spent on crucial initiatives. The truth of the matter is that if your staff are not productive, it will undoubtedly slow down the expansion of your company.

Clockly is one of the top time tracking apps for companies, and it includes several features that boost efficiency. Read on to learn more about some of the advantages that time monitoring offers to people, teams, and businesses.

Do you wish to become more productive? If so, you might want to use time tracking software. This blog post shows how a time tracking app boosts employee productivity and may be used to keep better track of your time.

What is Employee Time Tracking App

What is Employee Time Tracking App?

You can track and record the amount of time spent on activities using the employee time tracking app. Businesses, hourly workers, and freelancers use it to track task completion times, simplify project management procedures, and compute payouts.

You could ask why you might need this kind of software if you've never used it before for your business. According to surveys, employee monitoring trackers address bad personal time management practices. Daily employee real-time employee monitoring is known to increase accuracy and productivity in the workplace. In other words, keeping track of their time helps them be more responsible and engaged at work. Nevertheless, this is by no means the only benefit of time monitoring software.

How Does Time Tracking App Help Organizations Boost Their Productivity

Keeps Employees Concentrated

The continual need to respond to emails, and hourly and never-ending meetings make it extremely challenging to concentrate in today's workplace. Employees can restore this focus by using time tracking software. Time monitoring tools can help organizations incorporate productivity tips like time blocking, prioritizing what's important, and refraining from multitasking to cause a significant increase in their output.

Enables Employees to Gauge Your Effectiveness

Although time monitoring software has many applications, its ability to improve productivity may be its most crucial feature. The time it takes to complete jobs is highlighted by a time monitoring software that allows employees to identify which tasks take longer than they would like and which ones get done quickly. All of this knowledge helps an organization create daily planners and set out time for different tasks, which will greatly improve its productivity and efficiency.

Eliminates Any Potential Obstacles for Employees

Individuality and the diverse talents of team members contribute to the successful operation of workplaces (and the globe). But this usually means that some team members will take longer to perform duties than others, either because they are more skilled in other areas or because the slower employees haven't had enough training. With a time tracking app, team members may better understand each other's strengths and limitations and ensure that anyone who is falling behind is given the necessary training to catch up. This timesheet app can be used as a productive hack to remove any bottlenecks in the organization and make sure that each team member realizes their potential in the organization.

Encourages Employees to Work Swiftly

Working extensively on a project might lead to excessive tension and exhaustion. This results in a general loss of productivity that might have an impact on an organization long after the project is completed. Utilizing time monitoring software enables employees to continually try to work more quickly, which boosts productivity while lowering stress and fatigue levels. Friendly rivalry among team members can increase productivity even more, and the satisfaction from finishing tasks on time improves morale and lessens fatigue and stress. It also promotes a more efficient workplace.

How Does Time Tracking App Help

Highlights Distractions for Employees

All organizations suffer from distractions; whether it's a chatty employee, a podcast an employee listens to while working, or just having 100 tabs open at once, distractions (large or small) prevent productivity improvement. To boost an organization's overall productivity, employee monitoring software can assist you in keeping track of these interruptions and highlighting your most productive working hours.

Eliminates Multitasking Among Employees

It may appear efficient to multitask to complete two or more tasks at once. Multitasking can make a staff workday feel burdensome and raises risks of distraction and disorientation. The combination of time blocking with single-tasking with employee time tracking app in an organization, can enhance its productivity on a large scale, making the employees considerably more productive and able to maintain focus than anybody else in the business.

Reduces Recurring Interruptions Among Employees

Employees often arrive at work and get onto their computer only to discover what seems like hundreds of fresh emails waiting menacingly for them to open and reply to each one. Even while reading and responding to all of these emails takes a lot of time, some employees also get invited to meetings. These everyday interruptions keep happening. By using resource scheduling features of the time tracking app, businesses may control these everyday disruptions and make sure that activities like meetings are scheduled during times when workers are supposed to be working on their responsibilities.

Helps Prevent Burnout

In this digital age, where your employer can reach you just as readily in your kitchen or bedroom as they can in the workplace, burnout as a result of stress and exhaustion is a very real problem. According to a recent survey, employees admitted to feeling exhausted at work frequently, and a high percentage of employees admitted to exhaustion happening occasionally. A time tracking app is one of many solutions that businesses can incorporate to assist their employees with stress reduction.

Helps Check Overtime

Nobody likes staying over their normal work hours to do a task that they put on hold because they had too many meetings or other diversions. Overtime is one of the main factors that contribute to increased stress levels. By using a time tracking app to manage time effectively and increase productivity, you may decrease the possibility of needing to work overtime and avoid burnout.

Time Blocking

By setting up a daily schedule in advance with the things set to accomplish for a day, week, or month, employees make it more difficult for other people to waste their time by distracting them. Time blocking is the practice of dividing your day into specific time blocks within which you will set out to complete specific tasks. Organizations can set this up with the aid of a time-blocking planner with employee time tracking software.

Pay Attention to What's Important

As a business owner or HR manager, you have to determine the most crucial tasks you wish for an employee to complete and then keep it in mind to create a reminder for optimal results. The organization can plan time blocks correctly using a time tracking app so that employees have enough time to complete them by concentrating on vital tasks. Focusing on the important thing can help employees focus less on other distractions. Employees' sense of accomplishment from completing important tasks can also foster a productive mindset that aids the team in completing more mundane tasks. The important thing could be an interview, a document that needs to be finished quickly, or even a social event that needs to be planned.


It is crucial for employees to know what they can do and cannot do when working, not just for the benefit of their employer but also for their mental well-being and sense of identity. By keeping track of the time, employers may determine which jobs will take longer to finish and determine each employee's capability with proper employee monitoring.


Employees entertain the notion that they can postpone a project or assignment until later in the day, the following day, or the day after that. Procrastination has a negative impact on employees, which may never totally disappear. Time monitoring software or time tracking app, on the other hand, enables good time management to be self-implemented, resulting in a reduction in procrastination and an increase in productivity. This helps keep employees on track with your progress through projects.


One of the most crucial portions of the workday is break time, breaks from work give an employee a chance to unwind and think clearly. A few minutes of exercise per hour or so increases productivity significantly and keeps employees focused and healthy. Because the time tracking app makes it simple to assign time as you see fit, an employee can plan breaks around crucial tasks to recharge so that they can return to their work with fresh vigor and desire.

Best Time Tracking App in the Market

Best Time Tracking App in the Market

Even if the advantages of employee time monitoring have been discussed here, the best way to learn them is to put them into practice for the organization. HR can use time monitoring for remote eemployee monitoring or for the business they manage using one of the many time tracking apps available. Clockly is a straightforward time tracking app application that is simple to use for teams and one of the best productivity-focused apps currently accessible. Its capabilities allow you to assign time to clients, projects, and tasks; create bills quickly from your time entries; and define goals for people, teams, clients, or projects. The advantages of using a time tracking app are obvious. It's time to experience those modifications for the organization now.

To Wrap Up

A time tracking app by 500apps is essential for a profitable and efficient business. After all, businesses have been using time monitoring in some capacity for many years; time tracking app has only recently gained proper attention with the advancement of apps and software.

There are several benefits to implementing a time tracking app technology in your business, and these benefits can improve cash flow and hasten growth. It's now time to select the most effective instrument to facilitate implementation.

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