Employers have always known that getting better results from their employees and boosting their productivity is possible. However, this has historically been difficult to achieve because it can be challenging to know where improvement needs to occur.

In today’s technology-driven world, data is increasingly used to make decisions in various sectors. And it’s also taking its place in the workplace. With time tracking and employee monitoring, employers and managers can see in real-time the tasks employees are doing and how much time is spent on each stage.

This information allows managers to make changes, implement solutions to optimize processes, and effectively manage labor to derive results. But it’s not always easy to track worker activity. So, in this article, we’ll look at some of these challenges and explore some great ways employee time clock alleviates them. This way, you’ll be able to optimize the talent at your workplace, deriving amazing results!

Tracking Work Hours of Employees and Why They Need to Be Tracked

Tracking employee work hours is important for several reasons. Here are a few of them:

Accurately calculates labor costs

If you have workers on an hourly wage, employee monitoring software may be the best way to see how many hours they have spent on work-related tasks. With this data, you can use their hourly rates to calculate their basic pay. An employee time clock also effectively records overtime work hours. This way, you can comply with overtime regulations and ensure that employees are adequately compensated.

Helps businesses make better decisions

An employee time clock is vital for helping a business optimize tasks and operations. By tracking employee activity, you can see which activities consume a lot of time and which can be performed quickly. This way, you can find out which activities need to be optimized and look for practical solutions.

Helps improve productivity

Employee time clock helps employers improve productivity by showing avenues for improvement. Time clock apps show the managers when a lot of time is spent on redundant, time-wasting processes, so managers can look for ways to automate or optimize them.

Also, when employees know they are being time-tracked, they are less likely to waste time browsing non-work pages. They become motivated to perform better, as each minute spent well is a plus on their timesheet.

What Are the Challenges of Tracking Work Hours

What Are the Challenges of Tracking Work Hours?

Tracking work hours can be challenging for most businesses. Here’s why:

Outdated time tracking methods

Many businesses still use manual time cards instead of modern employee time clock to record employee clock-ins and outs, and these methods are known to be inefficient. For one, they make it difficult to account for specific peculiarities in the workplace. They also do not apply to freelancers who work remotely. At other times, workers may even forget to clock in or out, introducing inaccuracies into the timesheet.

Time stealing

Dishonest employees have been known to collaborate with coworkers at the workplace to practice time stealing. This happens when a worker asks a colleague to clock in for them earlier than they arrive or later than they leave. This adds extra hours they didn’t work to their timesheet, creating inaccurate labor costs.

Off-the-clock hours

Often, employees take work-related tasks home or arrive at work earlier than usual. Now, they need to be paid for this, but how do employers determine how to pay them? For most companies, it is virtually impossible to calculate work hours for off-the-clock work. This leads to discrepancies in expected and issued payments.

How Can Time Tracking Help Reduce These Challenges?

Having an employee time clock like Clockly can help reduce these challenges a great deal and increase employee productivity. For example, time tracking software can monitor employee activity remotely, ensuring that even if employees are working from home, you’d be able to monitor their activity. Many time tracking software also comes with biometric and location tracking, ensuring that no employee can clock in for another. Time tracking software also solves issues relating to off-the-clock hours, as employers can monitor work-related activity round the clock.

Time Tracking Help Reduce These Challenges

What Employee Time Clock Software Options Are Available to Track Employee Work Hours?


Clockly by 500apps is a fantastic, highly advanced time tracking and timesheet app for small and medium businesses. Clockly makes it easy for you to monitor and track employee activity remotely and at any time with its unique features.


Clockify is a simple, intuitive employee time clock that several businesses and firms use with excellent results. Clockify offers manual and automatic tracking. It also automates different schedules, including overtime, breaks, lunch, missed shifts, etc. Clockify integrates seamlessly with payroll systems and is offered on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


Homebase is a robust, highly-effective employee time clock that’s great for teams and individuals. Whether your business is hiring freelancers from another side of the globe or you have multiple offices scattered across a city, Homebase has features to make tracking easy. It offers manual and automatic tracking and is available on many devices, so you don’t lose any flexibility.


Toggl is an employee tracker software for agencies and small businesses. Like other solutions, Toggl provides manual and automatic tracking, so you have control as an employer or manager. Toggl provides a detailed time breakdown for tasks, projects, and client meetings and compiles these into a detailed report that can be exported and analyzed for insights. Toggl is available as a desktop app, mobile app, or Chrome extension.

Best Employee Time Clock Software for Tracking the Work Hours

Clockly is the one-stop employee time tracker solution for all your employee time monitoring needs. Its remarkable features make time tracking easy and accessible, whatever the size of your business. Clockly offers accurate time tracking and real-time monitoring to see how well your employees use their work hours. Clockly also offers detailed reports and payroll spreadsheets, ensuring your employees are compensated for the work they put in.

Clockly also comes with 100-percent access to the 500apps suite, with over 3o+ apps that include human resources management systems and process management to boost productivity at your business. You can get access to Clockly for only $14.99.


Tracking work hours is essential for efficient business operations. Sign up with Clockly today and do time tracking the easy way!

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