If you are worried that your employee productivity is not good enough, here are eight tips that will help you increase employee productivity in your company.

Tips to Boost Employee Productivity at Work

tips to boost employee productivity in the workplace

1. Provide Your Employees with the Right Tools

Your staff will work diligently to meet your business objectives if they have all the tools required. If they are not well equipped, the chances are that they will struggle to deliver as expected. Therefore, you should offer essential productivity tools for collaboration, communication, and time tracking software.
Of course, you want your teams to work efficiently. Consider signing up for reliable team collaboration software. This software allows for seamless communication among your employees. They can find solutions to existing problems in less time.

To track time, you should consider using Clockly software. This is the best platform designed to help your staff manage how they use time. Better time management will have a positive impact on their overall morale. In turn, this will also boost their employee productivity. One of the main reasons Clockly is highly recommended is that you can also monitor and track activity using this software. Eliminate the notion of blaming each other when teams fail to achieve certain goals. Clockly allows you to capture timed screenshots, keyboard/mouse activities, and the location of your staff.

2. Eliminate Motivation Killers

Another thing you want to consider is whether your employees are motivated enough to meet your set goals and objectives. Motivation and productivity go hand in hand. If your employees are not motivated, rest assured they will be less productive. To keep your employees motivated, you may want to eliminate motivation killers.

Identify whether there are individuals in your organization with negative mindsets. These are the people you should get rid of because they affect the overall performance of other people. Similarly, determine whether your employees are bored. Boredom kills their motivation. What's more, confirm whether there are signs that your workers feel undervalued.

The good news is that with a time tracking software like Clockly, you can always track how time is utilized and make conclusions. In situations where less time is wasted, this might be a good sign that your employee Productivity will increase with happy and motivated staff.

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3. Delegate Where Necessary

Your time tracking tool has given you a hint that some of your employees spend countless hours attending to a few customers. The insights you get might also reveal that some workers struggle when providing certain services. Clearly, these are subtle signs telling you to delegate work. Share responsibilities by considering the skills and qualifications of your employees. Working well means more time should be invested in providing what the customer needs. So, strive to delegate work where possible.

4. Clarify Your Goals

Employee productivity in your organization might also be hampered because your employees aren't sure of what they should be doing. When this happens, a lot of time can be wasted doing the unnecessary. Clarify your company's goals and devise strategies to help you in working toward achieving these goals. Goals give your team a sense of direction. They also help in identifying strategies that can be implemented to make these goals a reality.

clarify the goals

5. Incentivize Employees

Has it crossed your mind that your employees might not be motivated because you don't reward them? It's true that some employees crave attention. They want to get noticed, and they will do anything to get your attention. Rewarding them more often is a great way to show your workers that you appreciate their efforts in helping you grow your company and individual employee productivity.

6. Don't Micromanage

Contrary to what you might believe, micromanaging your employees affects productivity. Sure, while you might argue that you know what's best for your organization, micromanaging only paints a negative picture that you don't have confidence in your team. Over time, this slows things down because your workers are never confident to make decisions on their own. The idea of double-checking everything they do will only lead to redundancy and inefficiencies. Eliminate this by training your employees and equipping them with the knowledge required to achieve your goals and increase the individual Employee Productivity

7. Cut Out the Excess

There is a good reason why most companies invest in modern technology to help them automate most activities. Organizations are moving toward efficiency. To do this, automation comes in handy. Consider whether there are tasks in your company that should be automated. Cut out the excess by simply finding the right employee Productivity software to help you do the job. For example, in terms of tracking time, don't settle for conventional ways of clocking in and out. Instead, choose Clockly and make it easy for you to track and monitor what your employees are doing and help in recording individual employee Productivity

8. Give Feedback

Feedback is always good as it communicates more about something that needs improving or changing. Aim to provide feedback to your employees depending on how well they are performing. This can be done during your daily or weekly meetings. Educate them on how they can work more efficiently around the organization. Performance reviews will also provide you with crucial information you need to help your workers where necessary.

Bonus Tip: Look at the Bigger Picture

The inefficiencies you are seeing around your company or employee productivity can be perceived from a positive perspective. These are good signs telling you that something needs to change in your company. If your employee's productivity is not up to the mark, what are you doing? What are your rivals doing to stand out from the competition? From this standpoint, you will value the importance of using employee collaboration and productivity tools to help your company thrive. So, it's a good thing that you were able to identify areas where your employees might be slacking. Use this information to your advantage and change what should be changed.


The tips discussed in this post should quickly transform your company. The most important message to take home here is that Employee Productivity tools can make a massive difference to your organization. If you want to get more done in less time, you should settle for the best Employee Productivity software like Clockly and follow certain productivity tactics. Change is inevitable; your competitors are already using some of these employee Productivity tools. To squash your industry's competition, you should reconsider your options.

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