Time Tracking Integrations

Best Integration for Time Tracking

Use integration to integrate all your projects on with Clockly and record accurate work hours with streamlined project syncing.

manage workflows and time

Manage Workflows and Time

Import your projects and workflows into Clockly and seamlessly manage them and time all in one place. With our Monday time tracking integration, your employees can easily track their time working on projects.

Efficient Tracking

Tracking everything from time to productivity is painless with our Monday project management and time tracking integration. Task view gives an in-depth summary of how much time was spent on individual tasks from the total team.

efficient tracking
simple time tracking

Simple Time Tracking

Available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Your employees can easily track their time spent working on individual workflows, switch between them, and start the timer with only one click.

Activity Monitoring

Analyze what your employees are actually doing with randomized, automated screenshots and URLs, apps, location, and GPS tracking get the insight you need to increase your employees efficiency.

activity monitoring

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