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Clockly is the leading employee time tracking software. By using Clockly, employers can see how their employees are spending their time, identify inefficiencies, and take corrective action. It tracks mouse and keyboard clicks, as well as screenshots of employee activity. It also helps in the allocation of the project budget

Get Started With Clockly

Go to > Select HR from the top bar > Select Clockly

How to Create Project?

Creating Project

Login to the Clockly application and click on Create Your First Project

Create Project

On your RHS popup, Name the project. Assign members for the project, set the Time interval for Screenshots, provide Start and End dates for the project, allocate the Budget, and click on the Save button.

Note: All the employees should install 500apps on their devices before they start using Clockly.

Save Project

Dashboard View

Once the task is created, you can see the task on the Dashboard.



On the RHS you have a Filter option, click on it to Sort results on the dashboard.


How to Add Activity?

Adding Activity

Add activities to the project by clicking on Add Activity.

Add Activity

Creating Task

Click on the + on the Task Dashboard.

Task Dashboard

Add a task name, the members involved in it, the duration, followed by start and end dates, and click on the Save button.

Add Task

Once the task is added, you can see the tasks on the Dashboard.

Tasks on Dashboard

Dashboard Overview

Click on the Overview tab, on the dashboard. You can have a look at the status of work on this dashboard.

Dashboard Overview

Detailed View

Click on the Candidate’s in Overview tab to get a detailed view of the task.

Detailed View

You can take a look at the billing charges, total worked hours, and total earnings.

Detailed Stats


Clockly allows you to integrate with popular project management apps. You can use this to import tasks or activities from the project management apps and help you save time. Select the Project, click on Apps tab in the project.

Select Project


Timesheet is used to track the time of a particular employee. They help users track the start and end dates of the task assigned to them. They can also be used to analyze the tasks that are more time consuming and identify the areas that are causing the delay in the completion of the task.

Click on the project required, on the RHS you have a tab with the name Timesheets, click on it.


Click on the Task name to view the details of the task created by the Super-user.

Task Name

Click on the Arrow icons to navigate through the date range.

Data Range

Click on Today to view the task for that particular day.

Today View

View your tasks for the whole month and week by clicking on Month | Week button.

Custom View

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