Employee Tracking System

to improve team’s efficiency

Discover where your employees are devoting their time.

Employee Tracking System

Increase Employee Productivity using Employee Tracking System

Acquire helpful insights about your employees progress, track websites and url's, capture screenshots, hours spent on tasks, and productive time.

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track employee effieciency

Track Employee Effieciency

Get visibility into app usage, site visits, screen captures, and time spent on activities with our unique dashboards allowing you to manage and measure the team’s productivity.

capture screenshots

Capture Screenshots

With our snapshots tool, which takes limitless screenshots, you can have a better insight of your team's overall performance.

reporting and analytics panel

Reporting and Analytics Panel

Examine how your teams divide their time between tasks and projects. Increase productivity by using productivity dashboards and performance analytics to get a clear picture of what's going on.

What is Employee Tracking System?

Employee tracking system are a type of activity monitoring that firms utilise for a variety of reasons, including preventing and detecting costly data breaches, increasing employee engagement, and optimising unproductive workflows. Modern employee monitoring solutions have recently demonstrated a stronger capacity for complete workforce analytics and staff productivity coaching. Businesses can use these modern tools to improve employee performance, increase employee engagement, and streamline processes. Organizations can improve their workforce productivity and profitability by monitoring and analysing employee work behaviour.

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